One of the reasons that many of our customers shop with MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. for all of their used equipment needs is our outstanding selection. We have a network of labs and testing facilities we work with, buying surplus equipment from various sources to test, refurbish and offer to our customers at very discounted prices.

Another reason is that our inventory allows our customers to compare different makes and models side-by-side and even ask for help from our knowledgeable sales staff. We often carry several models by a specific manufacturer, including a number of different used Beckman Coulter hematology analyzer models that are very much in demand.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has been in business for over eight decades, providing cutting-edge technology in the science, research and patient care areas. They are known for innovation and integration of their systems for high levels of efficiency, accuracy, and dependability across all types of facilities and applications.

Different Models

When considering a used Beckman Coulter hematology analyzer, take the time to review our listings. You can search by manufacturer or just by general category, which will allow you to compare the Beckman Coulter models with those of other manufacturers including Siemens, Sysmex, and ABX to name a few.

Within the used Beckman Coulter hematology analyzer models, customers will find models that are ideally suited for small, medium and large sized labs. Affordable as well as advanced in corrective technology for increased accuracy in results, these systems offer built-in automation to reduce human error and lower the need to repeat tests due to mistakes or errors.

Some of the models of hematology analyzers in the Beckman Coulter line offer advanced testing of all principal body fluids as well as the automatic transfer of data, ease of use and low operating costs.
To find out more about these hematology analyzers or to place an order, call us today at 800-414-7169.