A lab is only as good as the quality of the equipment and the staff. Laboratories operating with older equipment that is no longer consistent in operation, need constant calibration, or simply aren’t able to provide results to the levels required is ineffective, which can lead to business and income loss.

Buying new state-of-the-art lab equipment is also not possible. The price of this equipment is staggering and can definitely create significant issues, even for a high volume lab with a growing customer base.

The answer to this issue can be found with a simple solution. It includes buying top quality used chemistry lab equipment. At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we offer a top selection of brands, models and equipment options that are fully refurbished, warranty, and the same equipment you will find in top laboratories around the world. The only difference will be the price, which will be significantly lower than what you will find with the same model of new equipment.

Why Consider Used?

We often have labs contact us with questions about the choice of used chemistry lab equipment. They may be concerned about the past history of the equipment and if it was properly maintained and operated.

They are also concerned about the types of samples that may have been tested through the equipment. Possible cross-contamination is something to consider, particularly if you are purchasing highly sensitive types of testing and lab equipment.

We address these issues through the servicing provided on the equipment prior to resale. All of the used chemistry lab equipment we purchase is decontaminated to best practices and protocols. The equipment may be upgraded and refurbished to OEM standards.

Our used lab equipment is like a brand new product. Call us today to discuss about the specific equipment you are interested in, and answer any questions you may have about the benefits of a used equipment purchase.