One of the interesting aspects of working for over 40 years in the used analytical equipment and instrumentation industry is that we have heard just about every myth and misunderstanding about the risks of purchasing used medical equipment.

Buying from a reputable, established business eliminates all of these myths from being risks that any buyer has to worry about. At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we focus on providing top quality used medical equipment, with the option of warranties for refurbished items.

To help address some of the common myths we see online, understanding the reality in buying through MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. can make this process easier and give our customers the full confidence they are buying a quality piece of equipment that will last.

Myth: Used Equipment Has a Short Remaining Life Cycle

We purchase surplus equipment from labs and other facilities. In some cases, the equipment we have in stock is relatively new and has only been used for very limited testing and analysis. We strive to buy newer models of equipment and ensure that the equipment we offer in our inventory meets all current requirements and standards for testing.

Myth: Used Equipment Can’t Be Financed

Through our third-party financing service, we offer our customers the option to finance their equipment purchases. With our low costs that offer deep discounts over new models, many of our customers are able to make a purchase without the need for financing, but it is an option to consider.

If you have any questions about buying our used or refurbished medical equipment, or if you require assistance with any part of the purchase, give us a call at 800-414-7169.