At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we have been providing top quality refurbished and used medical equipment to labs, testing facilities and hospitals across the United States for over thirty years.

This alone is an important reason to buy used equipment or refurbished equipment from us, but there are at least three different additional factors that also make our used equipment dealer services very different than our competition.

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority

Our goal at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. is to provide a level of customer service that doesn’t just meet, but that exceeds the expectations of our customers. This means we go the extra mile to help our customers to track down specific models of used equipment or to help them to understand the features and options available in our current inventory.

With our focus on customer service, we have many clients that work exclusively with our team for all of their laboratory and medical testing equipment needs.

We Also Buy Used Medical Equipment

Not only do we stock and track down the best used medical equipment available, we may even buy some of your used inventory on hand as well! We’re always on the lookout for quality machines and selling us yours could offset some of the purchase price of the unit you’re buying from us!

Our Top Inventory

Our team of equipment buyers works diligently to ensure we have a substantial on-hand inventory of the newer models in used medical equipment that are in demand in the testing industry.

Our refurbished equipment is tested, inspected, repaired and upgraded so it can be sold as like-new, just at a fraction of the new equipment price.

With a top inventory and the option for both used or refurbished equipment, our customers can find the manufacturer, model and equipment specifications they need. To find out more or to place an order, give us a call today at 800-414-7169.