We provide quality used and refurbished medical equipment to healthcare, research, and testing facilities across the United States. In business for over four decades, our team at MYCO Instrumentation can assist you in selecting the best options in medical and testing equipment to enhance and upgrade your current testing options and capacity.

There are several reasons our customers choose refurbished and used medical equipment over new models. These same reasons apply to any type of facility or application, and make used and refurbished medical equipment the ideal option to increase throughput, add testing abilities, and reduce the risk of human error by upgrading to automated systems.

Low Cost

It is not unusual for refurbished instrumentation and equipment to be priced at more than 50% off the new purchase price for the same equipment. By choosing refurbished from MYCO, you can compare our pricing and even compare models and options to work with your needs and the budget.

Fully Tested and Updated

Unlike some sellers, we test, upgrade, and repair all our refurbished medical equipment in-house. This means our team knows the equipment and can verify it is fully working and upgraded to the latest in OEM software and system requirements before it is sold.

We offer a warranty on any refurbished equipment by any manufacturer. Our sales staff can answer any questions about warranties on our instruments and equipment that you may have.

Latest Models

We often have the latest models in medical equipment in our inventory and can search for other equipment required by our customers. In many cases, our in-stock inventory offers features and functions above the base models, which allows our customers to buy equipment that may be otherwise out of their budget limits.

To find out more about our current inventory, or to request a specific model in refurbished equipment, get in touch with our sales team today at 800-414-7169.