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Roche Modular D Chemistry Analyzer
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Siemens Vista 500 Chemistry Analyzer

The Dimension Vista® 500 System provides intelligent analytics where sample-centric design, unique integration of four technologies, including LOCI® advanced chemiluminescence, customer-driven engineering and flexibility of configurations all come together for a more efficient workflow.

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Randox Daytona Chemistry Analyzer

Have confidence in testing with accurate and reliable results from
the RX daytona. The compact fully automated clinical chemistry
analyser can provide rapid, cost effective testing for informed
and dependable decisions, from the bench top to the bedside.

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Dade Microscan Walkaway Chemistry Analyzer

The WalkAway® plus System includes LabPro Information Management software designed to simplify workflow and minimize technologist interaction while accommodating differing regional and institutional environments through extensive customization features. The optional LabPro AlertEX software eliminates manual review for unusual conditions or results and integrates institution-specific resolution guidance into your workflow.

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Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer

The Piccolo allows healthcare providers to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. The system uses patented reagent discs that contain up to 15 chemistry tests.

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Biorad Variant II Chemistry Analyzer

The fully automated VARIANT™ II Hemoglobin Testing System is designed for high volume, featuring positive specimen identification, LIS interface, and complete, ready-to-use test kits for precise, accurate results.

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Biorad Variant II Turbo Chemistry Analyzer

The VARIANT™ II TURBO platform offers superior throughput without compromising
quality. High-performance liquid chromatography combines excellent precision with
the ability to detect hemoglobin variants. With VARIANT™ II TURBO, the clinician sees
the full patient picture and makes treatment decisions with better information.
The VARIANT™ II TURBO saves time, increases efficiency and provides confidence.

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Biorad D-10 Chemistry Analyzer

The D-10™ instrument provides comprehensive, fully automated hemoglobin testing in a compact footprint. Combining diabetes and β-thalassemia testing on a single platform, the system offers simple, efficient operation for clinics, physician offices or clinical laboratories. Easy to use, the D-10 includes an interactive instrument training CD-ROM and multi-lingual operational support.

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Beckman Biomek 2000 Chemistry Analyzer

Description – The Beckman Biomek 2000 integrates all liquid handling operations into one automated system. Flexible design allows you to meet all of your sample preparation and assay requirements. Manage combinatorial libraries to nucleic acid purification, this instrument delivers high capacity performance to simplify your research.

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Abbott i-STAT 1 Chemistry Analyzer

This revolutionary, handheld analyzer provides reliable test results in just minutes, using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge.

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Roche e411 Chemistry Analyzer

The cobas® 4000 analyser series include the cobas c 311 module for clinical chemistry and the cobas e 411 module for immunoassays.
The combination of the two analysers with cobas IT 3000 solution provides true operational integration for small laboratories.

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Thermo Fisher MGC 240 Chemistry Analyzer

Thermo Scientific* MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer meets the marketplace need for an open, flexible system.
Capable of running 240 tests per hour and handling up to 24, two-reagent immunoassays per run, the Thermo Scientific MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer can be used for your drugs of abuse screens and therapeutic drug monitoring, including your immunosuppressive diagnostic assays and specimen validity tests.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros 5.1 Chemistry Analyzer

VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry System offers superior value in terms of productivity, quality, and cost.
Our findings include something for everyone – from the people who run the chemistry system to the people who run the hospital. So even though they have different perspectives on the business of diagnostics, everyone can agree that the VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry System is the very definition of value.

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Beckman CX7 Chemistry Analyzer

The Beckman CX-7 Delta system is a fully automated and computer controlled instruments designed for the in vitro diagnostic quanititation of biological fluid components and therapeutic drugs as well as the qualitative determination of drugs of abuse in urine.

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Beckman CX5 Chemistry Analyzer

Floor model analyzer. 28 on board tests (including ISE) with a throughput of over 500 tests per hour. The Beckman CX-5 Delta takes the automation and versatility of the Beckman CX-5 and adds the benefit of electrolyte testing. It’s the ideal full-service clinical chemistry system for the low- to medium-volume laboratory, featuring advanced data management capabilities and continuous sample loading. The Beckman CX-5 requires almost no daily maintenance. The Beckman CX-5 Delta offers; 29 on-board chemistries, 100 ready-to-use bar-coded Beckman Coulter reagents, throughput of up to 600 tests per hour, fluid analysis of serum, plasma, urine and CSF, onboard reagent stability of up to 60 days.

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Carolina Chemistries Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer

Bench Top Chemistry Analyzer
* 400 tests per hour

* Requires no disposable cuvettes

* 100 chemistry tests available

* Barcoded sample tubes

* Barcoded reagents

* Bi-directional interface

* Electrolytes by ion selective electrodes

* 30-day on-board stability

* 14-day calibration stability

* 24 hour reagent cooling

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StanBio Excel Chemistry Analyzer

The Excel® is a compact filter photometer controlled by a microprocessor. Special features make test sampling with the Excel® affordable and convenient.

Test samples are read using a flowcell module to minimize reagent consumption. Easy to follow instructions are displayed on the screen for each test.

The Excel® is equipped to handle endpoint, kinetic and EIA assays. The open system format accommodates 120 programs – 88 user defined assays, and for added convenience, all Stanbio standard routine chemistries are programmed into the analyzer. The Excel® delivers hospital quality results through use of a bichromatic optical system, which eliminates interferences caused by sample or cuvette quality.

The flowcell module has adjustable aspiration volume and automatic waste level detector.

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StanBio Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer

Serious Flexibility.
Stanbio offers a full range of bar coded, liquid, ready-to-use reagents for Clinical Chemistry, Proteins, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Drugs of Abuse. With positions for 36 reagents and the ability to configure open channels for your esoteric testing needs, Sirrus provides a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the demanding needs of your laboratory.

Serious Convenience.
Sirrus automatically reads and manages bar coded reagent bottles and sample tubes. Most reagents have 30-day on-board stability to minimize waste. The intuitive Windows®-based software screens make learning and operating Sirrus easy and quick.

Serious Business.
Sirrus can run at a blazing 400 tests per hour. Dual reagent probes and a dedicated sample probe translate into higher throughput and faster patient turn-around time. The increased efficiency and use of reusable cuvettes translate into lower costs and thus higher profits per test.

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Siemens Atlas Chemistry Analyzer

A fully automated, benchtop instrument designed for high-volume urine testing, using Siemens’ proven technology in dry-pad urine chemistry analysis.

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Siemens Advia 2400 Chemistry Analyzer

The ADVIA 2400 Clinical Chemistry System manages the most demanding workloads and meets high turnaround-time (TAT) goals. Its menu includes methods for testing drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drugs (TDM) and new assays such as Cystatin C and CardioPhase® hsCRP.

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Siemens Selectra JR Chemistry Analyzer

The Selectra Junior brings the excellent reputation of the Selectra family into every laboratory.
From now on, a small clinical chemistry analyser no longer means that you have to sacrifice
quality and performance.

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Siemens Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer

Proven and modern technology meeting all your needs: reliability, flexibility, convenience and
economy. The design features and specifications make the Selectra-E a true all-round analyser.

As a main system, as a back-up system, for routine chemistry or as a dedicated immunoproteins
and drugs testing analyser, the Selectra-E does the job without compromising quality.

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Siemens Viva E Chemistry Analyzer

Gold-standard drug-testing performance with EMIT® technology
The Viva-E System provides a complete menu of gold standard EMIT® assays for fast analysis of drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs and immunosuppressants, as well as sample validity testing on a single bench top analyzer. This easy-to-use system is designed to meet all your drug testing needs.

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Siemens Advia 1800 Chemistry Analyzer

The ADVIA 1800 Clinical Chemistry System pushes the limit of productivity Its extensive menu allows integration of testing for clinical chemistry, drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and specific proteins like Cystatin C and CardioPhase® hsCRP.

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Siemens Advia 1650 Chemistry Analyzer

For 50 years we have been recognized for our innovation – just as clinical chemistry has been recognized as the driver of automation. The tradition continues. The ADVIA 1650 can be integrated with other testing disciplines via the ADVIA WorkCell™ or ADVIA LabCell® automated sample transportation systems.

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Siemens Advia 1200 Chemistry Analyzer

The ADVIA® 1200 system features a small footprint, which allows it to fit comfortably in any size laboratory.

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ABX Pentra 400 Chemistry Analyzer

• 55 on-board assays
• Innovative cassette format
• Integrated work station and validation station
• Touch screen
• Real-time viewing of your workflow

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Vital Diagnostics Envoy 500 Chemistry Analyzer

The Envoy® 500 has a built-in LCD touch screen and, is driven by the Windows® 2000 operating system. This provides greater ease of use and space savings by eliminating a bulky external monitor and CPU.

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Roche Modular E Chemistry Analyzer

Sample throughput of up to 170 tests per hour per module (up to 4 modules per system). Low maintenance requirements. Continuous random access. 25 channel onboard capacity per module (up to 4 modules per system). 1008 tests or 6 hours of walkaway operation.

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Roche Modular P Chemistry Analyzer

System Modular, analytical system, Consolidated Work Station (CWS) for Clinical Chemistry and Homogeneous Immunology, expandable and re-configurable on site Type of Modules ISE 900 module Electrolyte measuring unit ISE 1800 module Electrolyte measuring unit P 800 module Photometric measuring unit Sample Throughput Up to 800 samples/hr Test Throughput 1700 up to 2600 tests/hr (including electrolytes)

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Roche Integra 800 Chemistry Analyzer

4 measuring technologies
• Photometry, turbidimetry and fluorescence polarization
• Ion selective potentiometry for direct or indirect Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+

Easy handling of calibrators and controls
• Customer tailored configuration of the Multi Rack

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Roche Integra 400 Plus Chemistry Analyzer

The COBAS Integra® 400 Plus System delivers maximum versatility and ease of operation in a minimum amount of space. It combines the convenience and simplicity of load-and-leave reagent cassettes with an extensive test menu, as well as the proven reliability required to deliver effective, easy-to-use automation for both routine and STAT testing. The COBAS Integra® 400 Plus System offers the flexibility to consolidate workstations in small- to medium-volume laboratories or to consolidate specialty tests in larger laboratories.

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Roche Cobas C111 Chemistry Analyzer

New from Roche Diagnostics, the cobas c 111 analyzer is designed to set the next gold standard in automated testing for small laboratories.

Designed to deliver big analyzer performance

With key components such as optics, reagents and calibrators taken from larger COBAS Integra® and cobas blood gas systems used in reference labs and hospitals, the cobas c 111 analyzer joins a family of analyzers designed to deliver consistent results from the smallest to the largest system.

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Roche Cobas 6000 Chemistry Analyzer

The fully automated cobas® 6000 analyzer series offers customizable configurations, a modular work area, expandability and flexibility, so that you can manage your workload faster and smarter.

You get improved turnaround time, better use of your staff’s time, hands-off sample processing, controlled workflow, the ability to process STAT samples, automatic reflex testing, and simple maintenance that requires little operator intervention. This allows you to deliver a higher level of service to your customers, even under the pressure of critical deadlines.

Ultimately what you’re able to offer your customers is improved patient care, because fast, actionable, consistent information is available from your lab.

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Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC Chemistry Analyzer

The Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC benchtop analyzer is designed to meet laboratory needs under virtually any circumstances. This machine uses the same advanced technology as the Roche Cobas Mira Plus- however- the automated cuvet changer (CC)- enables lab operators to load up to 312 cuvets at a time and let the analyzer run without intervention. This fully programmable analyzer provides trouble-free operation- random-access testing flexibility and a broad test menu- including STAT capability.

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Roche Cobas Mira Plus Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Cobas Mira Plus is an open random access chemistry analyzer supplied by Block Scientific. It is manufactured by Roche Diagnostic Systems with a throughput capacity of 144 tests per hour. It produces routine profiles, special chemistries, electrolytes, TDMs and drugs of abuse. The system is known for its flexibility, convenience, reliability and versatility.

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Roche Cobas Mira S Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Cobas Mira S – from Roche Diagnostics – is a fully selective analyzer designed with maximum program flexibility to meet the individual needs of any lab facility from patient selective profiles to STAT and routine batch analysis.

Roche Cobas Mira S that sets the standard for consistent performance possesses specifications similar to that of Mira Plus CC, excluding that of the primary tube sampling. By combining all aspects of convenience, reliability, and flexibility, the analyzer is adequate for measuring routine profiles, TDM’s, drugs of abuse, STATs, electrolytes, and special chemistries.

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Roche Cobas Mira Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Cobas Mira Classic, developed by Roche Diagnostics, is a selective system that can perform chemistries analysis in routine or STAT mode.

Roche Cobas Mira Classic is the most workable choice in any lab facility, where patient samples arrive during day and night. The Cobas Mira Classic is featured with an integrated control panel, through which the user can select tests, review results and program tests, profiles, and system parameters.

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Olympus AU 5431 Chemistry Analyzer

•Only Beckman Coulter standardizes chemistry testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This translates to higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater cost savings for your lab.

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Olympus AU 5421 Chemistry Analyzer

•Only Beckman Coulter standardizes chemistry testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This translates to higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater cost savings for your lab.

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Olympus AU 2700 Chemistry Analyzer

•Only Beckman Coulter standardizes chemistry testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This translates to higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater cost savings for your lab.

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Olympus AU 680 Chemistry Analyzer

•Only Beckman Coulter standardizes chemistry testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This provides greater productivity, increased efficiency and lower cost for your lab

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Olympus AU 640/640e Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous immunoassays

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Olympus AU 600 Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine, Fluid samples

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Olympus AU 480 Chemistry Analyzer

With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes the AU480 Chemistry System is the ideal main analyzer for small to medium sized laboratories. The AU480 Chemistry System can also fit as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories as well.

TheAU480 Chemistry System maintains many features of its predecessor the AU400 that made it successful; long life electrodes, low maintenance and superior spot photometer technology.

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Olympus AU 400/400e Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous Immuno Assays

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros DT60 II (all 3 modules) Chemistry Analyzer

Get all the benefits of VITROS® MicroSlide™ Technology in a size that’s perfect for your laboratory. Fast, more accurate results with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution. The modular VITROS® DT60 II Chemistry System suits your workflow perfectly.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros 950 Chemistry Analyzer

Johnson & Johnson Ortho Vitros 950 analyzer delivers a rich feature set including on-board capacity for all assays, primary tube sampling, unique sample processing capabilities, daily quality control and calibration intervals up to 6 months, positive patient identification via barcode scanner, easy-to-use touch screen operator interface, and manual, stat or automated testing capabilities.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros 5600 Chemistry Analyzer

Integration isn’t a new idea. So before we even considered designing an integrated system, we looked for ways to improve the concept. After studying the workflow, sample/test mix patterns and turnaround time goals of laboratories worldwide, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics created the VITROS® 5600 Integrated System.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros 350 Chemistry Analyzer

The VITROS® 350 Chemistry System offers easy operation, maintenance, and training. Whether you use it as a primary, STAT, or back-up to the powerful VITROS® 5,1 FS, the VITROS® 350 Chemistry System will get the job done right the first time.
You know that VITROS® Systems are efficient, dependable, and easy-to-use. The VITROS® 350 comes complete with enhanced throughput, a broad accessible menu, and new ergonomic design. Boost your productivity and reduce costs with the system that delivers the right results the first time.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros 250 Chemistry Analyzer

The Ortho Clinical Vitros 250 Chemistry System is a flexible system that can function as a single routine and STAT analyzer, a dedicated system for STATs or esoterics, or as a full-menu back-up to the VITROS 950. You get the same assay menu, features and ease of use as the VITROS 950, plus on-board dilutions, with a smaller footprint. So take a closer look and you’ll see that the Ortho Clinical Vitros 250 Chemistry System is the ideal choice for a variety of high-productivity applications in hospitals, physician offices, clinics and satellite labs.

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Hitachi 917 Rack/ Disk Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Hitachi 917 is a fully automated, discrete, computerized immunoassay system that allows for flexible and efficient operation 24 hours a day.

Roche Diagnostics’ Hitachi 917 is the best choice for conducting quantitative and qualitative in vitro analysis of a wide range of chemical substances in blood and other body fluids. Mainly, the analyzer consists of an analytical unit and the control unit. While the control unit includes CPU, keyboard, monitor, and printer, the analytical unit is with ISE and photometric measuring systems.

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Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer

The Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated, discrete, computerized chemistry analyzer offering reliability, quality and convenience. The Hitachi 912 is an optimal clinical chemistry workhorse system for the small up to medium workload laboratory. The Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer is an extremely flexible system for the performance of both standard and special clinical chemistries, homogeneous immunoassays, and STAT analyses. Capacity of 35 tests on board (including 3 ISE); up to 360 tests per hour. Up to 720 tests with optional ISE.

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Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Hitachi 911 Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated- discrete- computerized chemistry analyzer that uses serum- urine- plasma and CSF sample types to perform in vitro quantitative and qualitative tests on a wide range of alalytes.

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Hitachi 902 Chemistry Analyzer

Discrete, fully-selective system for Clinical Chemistry, ISE (Na+, K+, Cl-) and Homogeneous Immunoassay Test Throughput 200 tests/hr 300 tests/hr with ISE

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Hitachi 717 Chemistry Analyzer

• Fully Automated and Discrete
• Intended for in vitro quantitative and qualitative determinations
• Instrument is capable of performing potentiometric and photometric assays
• Refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers
• Over 80 test menus.

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Hitachi 704 Chemistry Analyzer

Ready to use 24 hours / day User friendly keyboard and CRT 100 tests / hr. throughput 3-20 microliter size samples Refrigerated storage for 40 reagent containers Endpoint, kinetic, and isoenzyme chemistries 4 parameter logit data reduction for non-linear Automatic sample blanking
QC capabilities for 6 control levels Auto evaluation of within run control results May be interfaced with host computer Results stored on floppy disk Automatic maintenance functions.

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Elan Diagnostics ATAC 8000 Chemistry Analyzer

The Elan ATAC 8000 Random Access Chemistry Analyzer provides high throughput random access technology in an innovative bench top format, making it the most cost effective chemistry analyzer within it class.

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Dade Xpand Plus Chemistry Analyzer

The Dimension Xpand Plus integrated chemistry system combines chemistry, STAT and specialty testing on a single, compact, easy-to-use system.

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Siemens Vista Chemistry Analyzer

The first in a new class of intelligent lab systems The Dimension Vista® system is where customer-driven insight, ultra-integration of 4 best-in-class technologies, including LOCI™ advanced chemiluminescence, and automation on board all come together to set new standards of efficiency, simplicity, sensitivity, and convenience for the clinical laboratory.

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Dade RXL Max Chemistry Analyzer

The Dimension RxL Max integrated chemistry system provides maximum productivity with the capacity to grow through automation connectivity.

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Biotechnica 3000 Plus Chemistry Analyzer

Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry computer controlled. Automatic – upon programmation – pathological results repetition with or without automatic dilution. Automatic – upon programmation – pathological results in the panic range repetition. Urgent tests in actual time (STATs). Sophisticated software for the system control. Software running under Windows 2000 Professional. 40 on line tests mono or double reagent, refrigerated. 78 positions sample tray, programmable for samples, standards, controls and STATs. Analyzer throughput: 330 test/h without ISE module. ISE module: 240 test/h. Two bar code readers for the positive identification of samples and reagents. Easy maintenance. No consumables. Automatic maintenance program. Automatic washing of the reading cuvettes. Automatic – upon programmation – calibration of the I.S.E. module. Relation tests. Real pre-dilution up to 1:500. Log file for data and performed operations. Vocal and on screen error messages. Touch screen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.

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Beckman Biomek 3000 Chemistry Analyzer

As the world of discovery races ever faster, you need a partner who can put you on the fast track. So our constant focus is on providing tools and solutions to help accelerate your research. That’s why our Biomek 3000 Laboratory Automation Workstation offers a liquid handling platform that’s as advanced as it is flexible. By integrating all aspects of liquid handling into a single, automated system, Biomek 3000 delivers unparalleled flexibility, expandability and performance.

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Beckman Unicel DXC 800 Chemistry Analyzer

UniCel DxC systems are built to deliver maximum productivity for your laboratory. The systems have the capacity to help your lab thrive in today’s environment. Plus, designed to minimize workflow interruptions and maximize ‘user-friendliness’, the UniCel DxC systems deliver a faster, reliable turnaround time.

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Beckman Unicel DXC 600 Chemistry Analyzer

UniCel DxC systems are built to deliver maximum productivity for your laboratory. The systems have the capacity to help your lab thrive in today’s environment. Plus, designed to minimize workflow interruptions and maximize ‘user-friendliness’, the UniCel DxC systems deliver a faster, reliable turnaround time.

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Beckman CX9 Pro Chemistry Analyzer

Working for a Simple Way to Enhance Productivity ? For a bold new way to improve your laboratory’s testing process, consider the SYNCHRON CX®9 PRO. This expanded menu profiler eliminates time-consuming manual processes and helps reduce your laboratory’s total turnaround time.Plus, the CX9 PRO performs a comprehensive line-up of general and esoteric chemistries, TDMs, DATs, proteins and serologies — and provides test results for nine critical care chemistries in less than a minute. Includes: CX9 PRO Analyzer Equipped with Obstruction Detection and Correction, Automated Serum Indicies, Modem Diagnostics, Accusense Glucose Oxygen Sensor, CPU and One 15 in LCD Flat-Panel Touchscreen Display.

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Beckman LX-20 Pro Chemistry Analyzer

It takes powerful technology to increase laboratory efficiency and worker safety, and still lower costs. It takes the new SYNCHRON LX20 PRO, offering features that you will not find on any other chemistry analyzer, including closed tube sampling and a new high-sensitivity detection system.

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Beckman LX-20 Chemistry Analyzer

Developed for the high volume lab, the SYNCHRON LX 20 offers system-based automation, that can reduce time-consuming manual tasks by as much as 50 percent. The LX 20 performs random access, STAT, HCFA panels and batch profiling of more than 95 analytes, including critical care tests, general chemistries, TDMs, DATs, thyroids and esoterics. Serum indices (hemolysis, icterus, lipemia) are automatically checked.
System operation is automated, requires minimal human interface, and features easy-to-use liquid reagents, calibrators and controls.

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Beckman CX4 Chemistry Analyzer

Floor model analyzer. Allows programming of 24 different chemistries at a throughput of over 200 tests per hour. automatic loading and unloading of 10 cup sample sectors. The Beckman CX-4 is a fully automated and computer controlled chemistry instrument designed for the in vitro quantitative determination of a number of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples. Features of the Beckman CX-4 include 24 photometric chemistry determinations, a throughput of up to 225 tests/hr and 525 tests/hr with ISE module, on-board reagent stability of 30 days once opened, complete compatibility with other CX systems, refrigerated storage for 24 chemistries and bar coded calibrators and controls.

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Abbott Architect Ci 8200 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c8000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate complex workloads of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on to one efficient platform.

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Abbott Architect C 8000 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c8000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate complex workloads of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on to one efficient platform.

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Abbott Architect C 16000 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c16000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay on one platform.

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Abbott Aeroset Chemistry Analyzer

The Abbott Aeroset® System is an automated, random-access clinical chemistry system. The instrument uses a dual-pipetting system with a maximum throughput of up to 2000 tests/hour. It can be configured with up to 100 different assay files utilizing photometric and potentiometric methodologies. The potentiometric assays (Na+, K+, and Cl-) are measured using an Integrated Chip Technology™ (ICT™). The Abbott Aeroset System will process routine and STAT samples using independent Carousel and FastTrack™ Samplers.

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Alfa Wassermann Alera Chemistry Analyzer

The ACE Alera system is the proven, high-performance, low-maintenance chemistry analyzer capable of improving patient care and your bottom line.

The ACE Alera clinical chemistry system serves a wide variety of chemistry diagnostic needs with the power of a large floor model analyzer in an easily integrated and economizing compact footprint of a bench-top model.

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Alfa Wassermann ACE Chemistry Analyzer

With its expanded test menu, the ACE clinical chemistry system is the comprehensive solution to the chemistry diagnostic needs in today’s healthcare settings. The ACE system offers the capabilities of a large floor model analyzer in a compact bench top footprint. The low cost per test and flexibility of single and panel testing makes the ACE system an ideal fit in a variety of clinical settings.

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